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The Children’s Train by Viola Ardone is a heartwarming piece. Ardone did a very nice job at capturing the world through the eyes of a little seven year old child. I felt the story was intriguing. Nonetheless, I did feel that it was slow at times. I reached a point I really just wanted the novel to end. Ultimately, I felt it was very bittersweet in the end. Some happiness and some sadness leaches out of the ending pages.

Overall, I give The Children’s Train by Viola Ardone three Stars out of five stars. I really enjoyed the premise of the book, and I felt it was very nicely written. Of course, part four was quite different than the other three parts, and it left me with several questions. I would have liked to know a bit more. At the same time it lulled in parts of the book in the middle. She used the phrase “not her/his strong point” several times which quite bothered me. Nonetheless, I feel if you are a fan of historical fiction you should give this book a try.