Educational, uplifting, but also heartbreaking

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The war is over, but Italy is still recovering and is filled with underprivileged children.

Northern Italy seems to have come back much quicker and are more prosperous.

THE CHILDREN'S TRAIN is a story based on true events that happened post WWII.

We meet young children taken from their parents by choice to live with an adopted family in Northern Italy for the winter.

The train ride was frightening for the children because they were worried about how the new families would treat them, and they missed their mothers and fathers.

There were some funny parts, though, when one of the younger girls shouted: Look it is raining ricotta. It was snow, and she had never seen snow before.

You will feel sorry for the children and hope their fears of what will happen to them subside.

We follow the life of Amerigo with his adopted family. His adopted parents were actually much nicer than his own

We see his life before he lived with his adopted family and also 50 years later.

I really enjoyed Amerigo and the Italian names.

If you are of Italian descent, you will love this book.

This was another event in history that I wasn't aware of.

It is educational, uplifting, but also heartbreaking.

ENJOY!! 5/5

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