A train ride through history!

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The Children's Train was an interesting slice of history to learn about. This book is based on true events back after World War 2 in Italy. Some of the people down south were having difficulties taking care of their children and so groups of people organized charity work in sending them (the kids) up north to foster families, for a season or even longer. This story is from the point of view of one of those children, Amerigo who was seven at the time that he rode the train up north to be taken care of by Derna. You get a good close up view about the differences between the north and the south living styles and I could see it all clearly with the descriptions, nicely vivid.

The story was bittersweet with the hardships that Amerigo faced, and his mother (since it was very hard for her to provide for him) and it felt like a train ride itself, meandering through time. I really liked it!