A Good Cry

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I am completely unsure why I always choose WWII historical fiction books, and I am equally unsure as to how I cry at each and every one. It could be the happiest story in the world- but just knowing that it is WWII I know that i will picture dark, grey and dreary.
This book was no different. I can already sympathize with the mother, and how she made this decision for her. I am picturing life back then, and the impossible decisions people had to make for themselves, and their families.
To know that even though these characters did no truly exist- this was a real life situation that hundreds of people dealt with.
I can only hope that much like in this first impression he does make it back. For it is just to heartbreaking to already know that people were lost forever in WWII. Not just the ones that fought, or that were in the camps- but those that made choices to never see each other again.