Seems like a fun read!

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The main character Keely seems like a relatable and funny character. I think this book from first impressions does a good job of showing the pressure that high school students feel when it come to their experiences.

I like the writing style so far it makes the book seem like a fun and light read. Which is what I think a lot of people need right now. The writing is also very descriptive even just the little bit I was allowed to read had me picturing the characters in my head.

This book definitely seems to be a romantic comedy like it says. I have a feeling reading what is going on inside Keelys head will be hilarious as she tries to figure out her love life and being 18. I am a sucker for the friends to lover trope which seems to be exactly what this book is with Keely and her lifelong friend Andrew. So I am really looking forward to reading this book in the future.