Not My Style

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This book was weird, while I did enjoy it, it irritated me at some points. Like most romance novels, it was super obvious as to who Keely had feelings for, and who she would end up with. That took away some of my enjoyment of the book because some of the drama felt filler.

My first, and really only problem with this was the characters. Keely was alright as a character, but her constant worrying about what being a virgin would mean for her relationship with Dean got a bit old. I actually disliked Dean quite a bit, it was very obvious that he was using her, and the way he acted just bothered me. Andrew on the other hand had potential, but I didn't like how he put on the front of being a player, and essentially lied to Keely. All of the characters were interesting to read, but I wasn't in love with any of the love interests.

Because of how innocent Keely was, some parts of this were super cringey. It reminded me a lot of the Kiss Quotient, but just a more YA version. If your a huge fan of romance and drama, I would read this, but it just wasn't my style.