Not My Slice of Pizza

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This book is more of something that would be two stars for me, however as not the targeted demographic (would not be considered young adult by any means), it would not be fair.

*I thought it was going to be one of the "best friend tutor me in sex" storylines but that fell flat. The book might have benefited if it was dual POV, rather than just Keely's POV.

*Keely was not an interesting character. Not sure if it was due to a lack of self-confidence, or if it was her sole focus on her lack of sexual experience (or at least that's what it seemed)

*Others have touted this as a sex-positive novel. There is a subplot where someone tries to slutshame one of the supporting characters (Danielle) and she is just not having it. Overall though I thought it came off as more mean girl than being supportive of other females