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On Keely's 18th birthday, she becomes the only virgin left in her group of friends. She has known everyone at school since they were in grade school and the thought of losing her virginity to any of them seems unappealing. Enter the new guy in town. College student, Dean, or as Keely refers to him "James Dean". She is instantly attracted to him, but afraid he will be turned off by her inexperience. She decides to turn to her best friend Andrew, who has plenty of experience, to get some tips. This can't possibly go well. There is plenty of funny moments in the book. I felt the author approached the coming of age topic of sex well. I loved the main characters of this book. I wish the part at the end could have been a little longer! I would have loved to have read more about Keely and Andrew. The cover is cute. And I think this would make a good movie.