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With over 200 million reads on Wattpad, The Bad Boy’s Forever is the story of two young lovers fighting the odds to create their forever in the third installment in Blair Holden’s Bad Boy’s Girl series.

The Bad Boy's Forever

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Tessa O'Connell is a girl with an unbreakable spirit and a strength that will get her through anything and this strength is one she needs now more than ever before. Through the two big chapters of her life, her goal remains to be fearless and make the best of all the opportunities that come her way. In college she must face the infamy and scrutiny that comes with dating Cole Stone as well as dealing with the pressures of being an O’Connell. Just as she learns to find her way, life changing prospects for Cole force Tessa to steel herself and be there, body and soul for the one man for whom she’d just about do anything in the world. As Cole learns to find himself again, it’s Tessa who needs to stand by his side and keep his demons at bay this time around. Can she be enough for the person who has been her solid ground for so long, all the while, keeping whispers of her self-doubt and crippling insecurities away?

In Part Two, Tessa finds herself adjusting to life as a fresh graduate in New York. All alone, with an unexpected new job and desperately missing her boyfriend as he gets through law school, Tessa has certainly seen better days. But with Cole's unwavering love on her side, she's ready to conquer the world and build a life together with the man she's going to marry, even if sometimes she's got to do it all by herself. The insecurities and fears that plagued their relationship have now evolved into a love so strong, it can weather anything—even a long distance relationship. After five wonderful years together, there's nothing that's going to get in the way of their happily ever after…or is there? On their own for the first time in a long time, Cole and Tessa struggle to make sense of their changed reality which threatens to pull the two away from each other. The one thing they know is that they're meant to be and they'll do whatever it takes to stay together, despite the curveballs thrown their way. With old friends and new, one crazy Nana, stepbrothers and snarky co-workers, Cole and Tessa are ready to make the transition into their real life as a couple and this is the story of how two people fight the odds to create their forever.

This story comes with a delectable Cole Stone as you've never seen him before. Vulnerable, torn, brooding and protective in Part One, he’s suited up, and a lawyer in the making in the second. He’s still a little reckless at heart and rough around the edges though, still the bad boy you fell in love with but aging like the finest wine all the more in love with his Shortcake.

Estimated E-book Delivery Date: February 19, 2020


Blair Holden

Blair Holden (@jessgirl93 on Wattpad) is a twenty-three-year-old college student by day and Wattpad author by night. Her hobbies include and are limited to obsessively scouring Goodreads and reading romance novels, with a preference for all things new adult. Her own work usually contains lots of romance, humor, angst, and brooding bad-boy heroes. Caffeine and late-night Gilmore Girls marathons help her find a balance between completing her degree and writing. She writes for herself and also to make readers swoon, laugh, and occasionally cry. Her book, The Bad Boy’s Girl, has amassed nearly 170 million reads, which absolutely baffles her. Her dream is to see her readers holding a published copy of her books and remembering how far they’ve come together!

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Publisher Self-Published
Genre Young Adult
Publication Date Feb 25 2020
ISBN 9781475607086


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