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I’m grateful to have finished my third book by E.K. Johnston. She never misses the mark for my enjoyment. The Afterward has an excellent premise that has uniquely never been done before. Written between two narrators, Kalanthe Ironheart (apprentice knight soon to be Sir Knight) and Olsa Rhetsdaughter (thief) the story goes between two timelines labeled: Before and After. I was skeptical when I read the blurb, but the romance inside the book is alive and through perseverance the love stays kindled. Although the book is shorter than most high fantasy, the world building is incredibly well done without giving too much detail while still giving enough to the reader to latch on and follow. With a lot of camaraderie between the lady knights plus mage and thief, there lies their tale to be told to Cadrium. I would definitely love to see another story (a companion) to be written about this world and learn more from years past or in the future. There’s a lot to look forward to if that were to happen. But, I am glad where the story ended, it wrapped up perfectly and did not disappoint. Go ahead and give this a try if you’re intrigued by Johnston’s entrance into high fantasy!