This was the perfect refreshing quick read

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This book is about what happens after a #Quest is over. What happens to the squad that saved the world? Some become queens, other become knights, others are irreparably damaged, and some... go back to being the thieves they were before. This is the story about Olsa and Kalanthe, the thief and the almost-knight, after they return from the world-saving quest.

I liked this book a lot. The relationships in this book are already established, and we're thrown in the middle of them. Olsa and Kalanthe... they are adorable together. I also love that basically the whole cast is female, with the exception of the token wizard, who is male. We also have a widely diverse cast with representation for race and LGBTQ+ characters. The main love story is f/f but we also have ace and trans rep as well.

This was a refreshing fantasy story with great characters. Definitely recommend.