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The Quest

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The way this book starts out, you'd think the Quest, and that's how the participants think of it, happened in another book. You could be wrong.
This world is one where gender limitations either haven't developed or have been surpassed. Knights can be men or women. Training starts young and is expensive. It's not limited to the nobility, but they can best afford it. Magic is also real here and comes in many forms. Some have a magic in one of their senses, like being able to hear clearly from a distance. Others have a more general form, that requires learning how to focus and control forces.
The Quest was for a thing called the godsgem. Seven new gods put their power in it to defeat an old god but the old god still had some followers who tried to bring the old god back. The Quest was to find the godsgem and prevent the old god's return. To match the new gods, The Quest had seven members, 4 Knights, 1 Mage, 1 apprentice , and a thief. This book is the story of the apprentice and the thief after the Quest seemed to be over.
I enjoyed the story. It was told in a back and forth in time manner from the viewpoints of both the apprentice and the thief. I would have given this book 6 stars if they had been available.
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