Solid concept but fairly okay execution

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I think there's a lot to applaud in this book. For starters, this book's pretty sapphic. If you're looking for sapphic rep, this is it. However, this one's not your ordinary fantasy book. This one's more of a high fantasy but I have a few critiques (or what I didn't like so much in the story).

The author's writing reminded me of a high fantasy novel, but don't be fooled by the cover. While it does look like the characters are going on a journey filled with action, this book's actually a queer (f/f) YA fantasy. The romance is good but sometimes I want a fast paced action packed novel and it just didn't meet my expectations (in this regard).

It was okay though, I did like it but I'm not so sure if this is a favorite. My least favorite things about this book were all based on my own preferences. If you liked the things I mentioned above, then this book's (probably) for you!