Very interesting with a good twist

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In this book, the main character wakes up each day as a different character in a manor on the same day and is tasked with solving the mystery of another character's death within 8 days or they will start the cycle again with no memory of what has happened. I found this premise to be incredibly interesting and it was impressive how all the pieces of the mystery fit together. I also did not see several of the twists at the end coming.

I listened to the audiobook, which I thought was very well narrated and interesting. Sometimes I get bored with audiobooks (as it is much faster to just read the hardcopy) but it kept my attention the whole time. There were aspects that did feel a little repetitive at times with the main character reliving the same day repeatedly but I still thought each new day/character added something interesting. I found the ending very satisfying and the book raised interesting questions about rehabilitation and whether certain people could be still be redeemed after committing terrible actions.