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I admit to being totally confused for the first little bit, so lost that I answered the first big question of “How lost do you have to be to let the devil lead you home.” Without adding any spoilers allow me to say that this was an extremely clever and well thought out plot. Even if I wanted to pick it apart and offer a petty criticism I would have to unravel myself and the time it took me to join the party and follow along. What day, what time, which host, has it happened yet or not, or just about to or can I trust you, should I, probably not, but who knows.

The setting is Blackheath, a large estate surrounded by a forest. It is a lonely crumbling place with secrets, pain and malevolence. History is about to repeat itself and the loop is continuous with little chance of breaking. People are trapped in the house, wearing the bodies of guests and servants, only one will be allowed to leave. Aiden Bishop must solve the crime, unmask a murderer, look in a mirror, go mad, and maybe survive. Impossible for me to say more without giving it all away.

Completely engrossing, mentally challenging and very well written.

Thank you NetGally and Sourcebooks Landmark for a copy.