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The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle opens at Blackheath Manor, where guests are invited to The Masquerade. One particular guest finds himself in a rather precarious situation - every time he goes to sleep, he wakes up in the body of another partygoer. Eventually he is told why - he has eight hosts and eight chances to solve the murder of a woman named Evelyn Hardcastle. Each of his hosts has different strengths and provides him with access to different rooms / people / conversations he needs in order to solve this heinous crime, but will he be able to pinpoint the perpetrator in time, or be destined to continue this search for loops to come? I bought an ebook on sale a few years ago and decided to listen to the audiobook alongside reading along, which definitely was the way to go for me. I honestly don't know if I would have been able to finish it if I was just reading the ebook alone. It was interesting to see the different pieces of information unfold, and how his actions in one host on one day were affecting things he was able to do in another, and how he had to think ahead in order for that to work. There were some twists and turns I didn't see coming - this could have been because I wasn't paying enough attention or they were just cleverly placed. At times I felt some of the timing was off - we spent so much time exploring the first few hosts, and when things started to spiral I thought the last few flew by in a hurry in comparison. Other reviewers have pointed out the fatphobia and other harmful character descriptions our narrator uses, which also made me uncomfortable to read at times - I urge you to search out other reviews that offer specific examples of this language used if you would like to know more. And lastly, while I now I can appreciate the ending for what it was, at the time I felt it a little anti-climactic and I was left wanting a little more explanation. Overall I'm not upset I read it, and I'm glad I finally did so I could take it off my TBR, but I hesitate to widely recommend it.