I was confused but I liked it

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Right. So. I'm giving this book five stars.

This is a surprise.

To me.

Because I'm not entirely sure what I just read but... apparently I loved it? *shrugs*

My experience reading this... gotta be honest, I'm not even sure how how to classify this book so let's say... this book by Stuart Turton went something like this...

*while reading*

me: ooh, historical fiction murder mystery, I like
me: huh?
me: oh that makes...
me: no, that doesn't make sense at all
me: now it's starting to make sense
me: no, it's really not... is this dude (is he Sebastian or Aiden?!?! like, originally) inhabiting other people's bodies?! wtf?!
me: this is such a... weird way to tell this story
me: these people take a lot of naps
me: huh?
me: and also, huh???
me: why I am emotionally invested in Evelyn Hardcastle and who murdered (or didn't... and also keeps murdering) her?
me: I accept my emotional investment in these people, how many ever of them are in one body at the same damn time
me: still a little bit huh?
me: omg, I did not expect that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: that was a ridiculous and perfect ending! it should not be the same ending with those two words
me: I've gotta read this again
me: also, Stuart Turton, sir? are you writing a prequel? a sequel? a series? more to explain the twist? I'd totally read them! I have no idea why, but I will!