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The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle is a mystery "whodunnit" with swapping bodies and questionable allies. Aiden Bishop wakes up with amnesia and keeps waking up in a different body every time he falls unconscious. The day keeps repeating and he is forced to identify the killer of Evelyn Hardcastle, who dies every night, in order to break the cycle.

I love when books start you in the middle of the action so there is no dull moment. This book was off to the races immediately, even though I was genuinely confused throughout most of it, that was the whole point. It had one of the craziest endings to a book I have ever read. I loved seeing the different personalities of the bodies try to come forward and influence the actions of Aiden. For me, this book is a 4.5/5, it is one where you cannot trust anything that is going on and it is perfect.

If you like mysteries, thrillers, body snatchers, being confused but being given an amazing ending to a book, then this is for you. I read this with my book club and we all loved it. This is also a perfect book to read over time with a book club because you can break it up with discussions. We had such a fun time theorizing what was going in and none of our theories were correct! Please just read this.