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The only reason I picked this book out was because the title reminded me of another book I absolutely love. While they are nothing alike, this book is amazing in its own!!

The idea and plot and concept was so unique and totally unlike anything I’ve read before. There were so many twists and turns, it kept you in the edge of your seat and had you craving more.

It’s so hard to believe this is a debut/first novel, the author does a fantastic job. One better than many authors who have been writing for so long. This story was so amazing and so complex and it kept my attention throughout the whole thing.

I did not find myself bored at all. I also really liked the characters. I really just liked everything about this book, it was fascinating and such a great read. I hope it gets more recognition, it was amazing.

I know this isn’t a concept I’ll see anywhere else, and that makes me sad because it was just so damn good. Amazing book!