Agatha Christie meets Clue meets Groundhog Day

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"Nothing that's happening here is inevitable, much as it may appear otherwise."

Book No. 83 of the year for me was: The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton reminded me of an Agatha Christie novel, the board game Clue, and the movie Grounhog's Day. The result was an incredibly unique story with an unusual premise.Evelyn Hardcastle is going to be murdered at a precise time and location. It is up to the main character, Aiden Bishop, to stop it from happening. The catch? He keeps waking up in a different person's body. He must overcome each person's weaknesses and find their strengths so that he can break free from Blackheath.

This was a very interesting story. There were many dynamic and diverse characters, and the plot was a perfect detective story that left me trying to piece everything together. I enjoyed anticipating who the next "host" would be and how the main character would use the host to his advantage. Throw in wealthy people with buried secrets, money problems, and illicit affairs, and you have an overall captivating story. I only have one complaint about this book. I thought the story was a little drawn out at times, and I felt like there were some unnecessary details. However, there were enough redeeming qualities that I am giving this 4.5/ 5.

"I'm saying every man is in a cage of his own making."