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Different and Heartwarming Story

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This book tells the story of a mother's life leading up to the eventual placement of her daughter for adoption. I was instantly drawn to this story because I have given up a daughter for adoption as well so I can relate wholeheartedly. Reading the first look brought back so many memories; the pain of it all, the beauty of giving a couple an opportunity to be a complete family, the sorrow of holding her for the last time, and so many more emotions that are hard to put into words. I would love to keep reading this book.

There's always two sides to a story and most people aren't interested in hearing why the mother chose adoption, and her life leading up to the decision and beyond. Most people are interested in hearing about the child's adoption story as opposed to the mother who gave up her child. That's what makes this book so intriguing to me. I cannot wait to read more!