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Nature vs. nurture: Which plays a greater role in who we become? The family we were raised in, or the parents we never knew?


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A memoir of nature, nurture, and love.

Her young life changed in an instant.

Adopted at birth, Marylee’s parents told her she was a “chosen child.” She tried her hardest to make them proud, but her parents’ divorce sent her into the comforting arms of a handsome Catholic boy.

Unfortunately, it was 1971. Pregnant girls were sent away, and their babies given up for adoption. Now, she shares her story with the child she gave away. In telling her adult son the story of his birth, can the narrator find compassion for her own wounded inner child?

If you like truthful accounts laced with the passion of youth and the wisdom of age, read Marylee MacDonald’s funny and poignant memoir about how we grow up, grow old, and learn to accept ourselves.

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Marylee MacDonald

Marylee MacDonald is the award-winning author of Montpelier Tomorrow, Body Language, Bonds of Love and Blood, The Rug Bazaar, and The Big Book of Small Presses and Independent Publishers. Her short stories have won the Barry Hannah Prize, the Ron Rash Award, the ALR Fiction Prize, and many others.

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Publisher Grand Canyon Press
Genre Biographies & Memoirs
Publication Date Nov 19 2020


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