Something different

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These kinds of books aren't what I usually read most of the time I only read books that are mystery of thriller and sometimes romance but from reading the preview it seems like a pretty interesting book. The book is about a girl Amanda who finds on her fifteenth birthday something in her mom bag and has enough so she wants to find out more about her mom. I think that Amanda is someone who needs to know what going on when it finally past her breaking point and her mom is someone who keeps a lot of secrets. I do like the characters and find them to be interesting. I also love her friends who seems to be super loyal and funny. There are many themes that I think that the book will explore such as racism. I want to find out more about Amanda family and think that this will be an amazing story. There a lot of diversity and lots of humor and loss. I will read this book in the future if I get the chance. Though this is not a genre I usually read.