So Much Heart

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Sugar Town Queens is full of heart, family, doing what is right, and how the truth and standing up for yourself are healing and worth it.
Amandla, the main character, is amazing. A lot of times I get annoyed with first person point-of-view because the inside of the character's head is annoying, or they whine about their situation, or they are always crying. Amandla is such a great character and person, and someone any teen could look up to. The supporting characters are also really really good. The characters really make this book, but the plot is so interesting as well. It makes you want to keep reading and find out what happened to Amandla's mom all those years ago.
It was so interesting to have a book set in a township in South Africa; I don't think I had ever read a book in that setting before. It touches on class inequality and racism, and the writing keeps you engaged until the last page. Really enjoyed this one.