Rainbow People

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OMG, this is going to be one of the best YA novels I'll read in a while. Amandla had me laughing until I cried but by the end I was mostly crying. What a gut wrenching novel with so many ups and downs?!!? Her grandpa truly is the devil and I couldn't ever forgive him either. Amandla pulling a gun out on him was surprising and I am glad she really didn't have the bullets to kill him...I was thinking the grandma was going to have a literal heart attack and I could barely keep listening to the audio book.

Another moment I had trouble getting past is when Jacob stabs Amandla's mother?!
I really thought he and his bros were all talk but turned out he was worse than some creepo. The kid was a murderer and to think he just preyed on little girls and most people didn't bat and eye. This is why I think Amandla was blaming herself and asking was it something she said or wore to invite his attention. We all know it is never what you wear but in some communities they will blame women before they blame men for anything which is what I think Amandla was dealing with and why she internally blamed herself for what happened to Jacob.