Pleasant Read

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This is a good book overall, but it did excite me to the height I was expecting and wanted.

Strong points
1. The narrating voice is strong and persuasive as an MC
2. The writing and cute and easy to follow
3. Mystery and coming of age story wrapped into one without compromising either.

Weaker Points
1. Most of the side characters felt under developing and like swinging props more than complete people.
2. The first chapter of the book had a totally different vibe than the rest of the book which was slightly disappointing seeing as a read the first chapter of this on BookishFirst and that was the whole reason I bought this.
3. Some of the plot points and changes felt abrupt with vague guidance for the reader.
4. The settings felt damp. Like they were watery and unclear. As if I was staring at them through a dirty window or under water. It was hard to sometimes make out where I was with the story.

Overall, it was enjoyable, but it still had room to grow.