Coming of Age

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Content Warnings at end of review.
Thank you to Bookish First and Penguin Teen for a finished copy of this book.

Sugar Town Queens follows Amandla as she discovers the secrets her mother has kept hidden from her about her family and learns to rely on other people.

This was such a good book! I loved how interesting Amandla was as a main character. I particularly loved the dynamic between her and her mother and how that relationship developed, and I loved watching her learn more about her family and friends throughout the book. The relationship she has with her friends is such a great one! I love seeing all three of them on the cover and love the way they develop into a sort of found family!

This is a great coming-of-age novel and deals with family, friends, identity, love and loss. It also deals with power structures, wealth, racism and colorism, sexism, and many other things that I wish 15 year olds like Amandla didn't have to deal with, but do. I thought this book did a great job!

Content Warnings
Graphic: Chronic illness, Terminal illness, Blood, Emotional abuse, Death, Gun violence, Sexual harassment, and Violence
Moderate: Forced institutionalization, Death of parent, Medical content, Medical trauma, and Mental illness
Minor: Homophobia, Religious bigotry, and Sexual assault