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This is exactly the book I would've loved to read in high school! I'm so happy my adult self got a chance to read a book that somehow took me back to that teen frame of mind. I really do like Marie Lu's writing. Even though this plot is a little bit "out there" it works. And the fun part is that it doesn't have to be reasonable, it can just be enjoyable.

Popstar Winter Young is recruited to be an undercover spy by an unknown agency. His goal is to get close to a mob type boss through his daughter superfan. He's partnered with a teen spy, Sydney, who is great at her job but less so with her feelings. I do like their relationship but it felt a little "insta-love". The action scenes are captivating! It's where Lu's writing really shines. I felt like the ending was a bit predictable, but still enjoyable and a nice set up for the sequel which I will definitely be reading!