Smoke But No Fire

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A slow start leads to a fun secret mission by a pop star and a young agent.

Winter is the most famous pop star on the planet. When he is asked to perform a private event at a high powered businessman's daughter's birthday party, he is recruited by the Panacea group ( they get done what the CIA can't do) to go undercover and get information on the officials' illegal smuggling.

Sydney is a young agent who has something to prove. After being orphaned she was brought into the Panacea group as a teenager with lots of promise. She is assigned as his bodyguard at the event to not only get the information they need but also keep Winter safe.

Winter is observant and a quick learner. They work effortlessly together and find an easy and quick rhythm together and this also leads to them developing some feelings towards each other. When the mission takes a left turn, they must scramble to salvage what they can and complete it to save thousands of peoples lives.

This was a young adult book and I think it's very appropriate for 14+ who are looking to get a little bit of tension and also suspense of them trying to complete the mission without getting caught or killed. The title Stars and Smoke is perfect to suggest there was smoke between the characters but no real fire.

The mission element was well done and keeps you engaged as a reader.