Reminded me of The Kingsmen

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It took me a minute to get into this because the beginning felt very descriptive with not much actually happening. It described the training of the main character, but stayed surface level so I found myself disinterested in what was actually happening. once it picked up to the actual storyline of the book it turned out pretty good.
It reminded me so much of The Kingsmen movies. I loved the idea of taking a civilian and turning them into this spy that gets caught up in stickier situations than anticipated.
I really enjoyed discovering the mystery behind the mission and who the villain was. That to me was the best part of the book. It had the banter that I wanted and the surprise that was much needed.
However, I don't think it needed the bonus chapter that was included. I liked the idea of the main characters having this forbidden, slow burn romance and that took away from it.
In all, I loved the premise behind the book, but it just didn't do it for me in execution.