Not What I Expected

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First off the synopsis did not do it justice. Not a spy love story! Which I was expecting.
This was spy vs. mob boss vs. blackmail vs. vengeance! I thought the writing was good, easy to read, the author did NOT throw the thesaurus at us, thank you. Most characters were believable. I did guess at one of the twists but not the other. (Don't want to spoil it).
The Panacea Group with their crafty weapons, spy gadgets and training area reminded me of if Batman and 007 created a business. Now, that isn't necessarily a bad thing, just a little too much for me. This book could easily be made into an action movie, the chase scene near the end was a little unbelievable (that anyone could survive) but isn't that what action scenes are made of.
The cover is cool, it catches the personalities of the two main characters, Winter and Sydney.
Yes, I would read the sequel, "Icon and Inferno", just to see if romance can happen.