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I absolutely adored this espionage book. And this is not your typical bodyguard x popstar. I like that it was based on that trope, but it was shifted to ya espionage, and the romance wasn't the entire plot. Neither was it steamy, which I really appreciate the ya genre sticking to more appropriate tones.

I fell in love with these characters, especially Winter. This is a plot you will get wrapped into before you know it, plot twists that will catch you off guard, and two main characters that will have you screaming for them to just get together and confess their feelings already!

This book was very entertaining. Love a good spy story, and the covers for both the hardcover and paperback are just beautiful, to props to the designer! Although, it did make me think this was a sci-fi book at first, lol. So, don't be fooled like me! Be sure to pick this up.