If Only...

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If only the ending had not been so over the top and dragged on, this would have been one of the most perfect YA and Adult thrillers.

As it stands, both superstar singer and dancer Winter Young and superstar spy Sydney Cossette were finely drawn and unusually un-stereotyped characters. Both delivered compelling reading, notably with their mood shifts and introspections.

While their attraction was not quite predictable, with Winter still a closet gay, exploring it was still enjoyable. as the plot evolved into a new world of Under Hotel Training and backstage concert routines. Book Cover reveals were great and what a movie it will make with two lonely spy vs star balanced by Winter's wit and intelligent, intuitive awareness.

Penelope's personality was improbably concealed.

The opening Mission Logs were a fun and challenging lead off, while Necco Wafers
earn a new awakening.

Plot questions: Why would Winter EVER consider another mission after he nearly got Leo's family murdered? Shouldn't a Bodyguard have stayed with Winter and Penelope?
How did Niall and Sauda so quickly find them on the cargo ship?