I loved it!

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This book was everything I wanted. Winter was an amazing character. The author really built up Winter as more than just an idol. Going into the story, Winter seemed like just another spoiled privileged famous singer. As the story progresses, I got to see Winter talk more about his family, his brother and expose some of his flaws that he attempts to mask when he is in the spotlight.

This book is perfect for fans of singer such as Harry Styles, Lauv and boy band groups such BTS, EXO, TXT. This book brought out the fan girl in me so much. The description of Winter's perspective when he is in the spotlight is amazing. I could easily see any mainstream singer or group viewing their fans and the constant attention they receive.

I would describe this book as SpyXFamily meets mission impossible/James Bond with a dash of romance. I highly recommend you to add this book to your TBR.