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Marie Lu presented a novel that was action packed and entertaining. The first hour or so felt a little slow and like it took a long time to reach the actual mission for the characters but once it got there it was very interesting.

I really like the characters, especially Sydney, who I wish could have had a presence in the sneak peak. She's so cool and makes the story so much more interesting to me. Her stealing addiction caught me off guard and her backstory is very intriguing. It added a unique factor to the story which made it a lot different from many others.

Overall I liked all the characters and the action in the story. I really enjoy a good spy book every now and then. I like the presence of Winter's character. Sometimes I feel like "superstars" or actors featured in books end up having a very cliché story line about being a complete jerk, I appreciated how Winter is much more focused on himself personally as someone with the goal of being happy with himself rather while still also being someone who is interesting.

I feel as though we never find out if Winter became truly happy, or if he ever reached the goal of self actualization which is very unsatisfying. I also don't feel as though I ever reached a feeling of closure related to Sydney and Winters relationship.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, it's action, characters, and concept. However I don't feel like I ever reached a feeling of closure to the story nor was I hanging on the edge of my seat. It was good, entertaining, but I am not extremely awed.

Edit: I have been informed that the lack of closure is probably due to the fact that there will be a second book released in June