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Held a lot of promise

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I was so excited to get my hands on a pre-released copy of this in ebook format. Once I finally was able to figure out how to upload that copy to my kindle, I took this book with me on my honeymoon. I was ready to see and experience the book, but as I started reading, I wasn’t as captivated as I had hoped. The description of the book was more appealing to me than the actual read itself. I enjoy books where the author grabs you immediately and you become invested in the characters. I didn’t get that when I read this book. I felt as though it started out a little slow compared to the stories I typically enjoy reading. As a result, I offered the story to my husband to see what he thought about it. He absolutely loved it! That being said, I think that while the book was not one that I personally finished reading, it is one that could appeal to other readers based on their personal preferences in their stories they enjoy reading.