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Would you steal $10 million? An exhilarating manhunt from the Rocky Mountains to Wall Street and Las Vegas.


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Three hunters find a crashed plane of cocaine in the Montana wilderness. Two steal it and are soon hunted by the Mexican cocaine cartel, the DEA, Las Vegas killers, and the cops.

Zack, an ex-NFL star now a TV sports icon, owes two million in Vegas. Steve, a Wall Street broker, has just lost his and Zack’s investments. Curt, their half-Cheyenne guide, is trying to save his ranch from an energy company takeover.

From the frozen peaks of Montana to the heights of Wall Street, the Denver slums and million-dollar Vegas tables, SNOW is an electric portrait of today’s America, the invisible line between good and evil, and what people will do in their frantic search for love and freedom.


Mike Bond

Best-selling novelist and journalist, Mike Bond has worked in many dangerous and war-torn regions of the world. His critically acclaimed novels portray the innate hunger of the human heart for good, the intense joys of love, the terror and fury of battle, the sinister conspiracies of dictators, corporations and politicians, and the beauty of the vanishing natural world.

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Publisher Mandevilla Press
Genre Mysteries & Thrillers
Publication Date Oct 01 2017


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