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This one makes it into my Top Reads for this year! OMG! It was so good. I could not stop reading because I just needed to know if everyone was going to make it. Also not even 20 pages in and I was already an emotional mess, I'm not going to lie, this book made me cry. Also I was so scared thinking this could happen and that could happen and then that ending, sheesh! That ending killed me but also I cannot wait to read the next one, I need more like now! Awesome characters, a bit suspenseful at times and it keeps you glued to the pages. Just all around awesome story! Oh and I must say that there is a bit of a romance starting, like you get a glimpse of what could be. I am hopeful and cannot wait to see where it goes.
Can I just say that this book also makes it into the most gorgeous cover ever! The dust jacket is absolutely beautiful and then when you look at it naked it's amazing. I think this one is definitely the most gorgeous ever. It's definitely number one for me.
This one gets more than 5 stars and I will definitely recommend to all my friends!