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I just have to say once again that Marie Lu does not disappoint! I’m such a big fan of hers and now this books. I genuinely loved this book, it was a light and easy read. It was really enticing and interesting, and it had such incredible characters. As well as a good plot and writing!

While this book has a lot of exact similarities that are found in this genre, Marie Lu made it fresh. She made it exciting and something unique. I love the found family in this book, it’s so comforting.

The love interest was really great as well, everything I want in one in all honesty. I liked the mission, the concept of them fighting for their freedom. (The wings) Such a good book, had all my favorite things too!! This is a lot better than much of her other works, it’s one of the best for sure.

I found some things oddly convenient in this book which was kind of annoying. But I have no complaints other than that!