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A story about a country in danger from a dangerous dictatorship, and a girl who’s at the centre of it all. Skyhunter is an incredible book, filled with good representation and carefully thought out plot lines. Talin is a likeable character who uses her disability as a strength while fighting in the war against the Karensa Federation, and the side characters are very loveable (though not as defined as they could have been). The romance is minimal, but will probably be explored more in book 2.
I greatly enjoyed the way language/culture barriers were explored in this book; so many countries being conquered by one people means you start mixing cultures around very quickly, and the more people there are under one nation, the more salad-bowl it becomes. I liked that there were no two people that were the same, and that everyone had something to fight for.
The thing about this book is that while it adds nothing new to the ya dystopian/sci-fi genre, it is a fantastic read. I’d recommend this to any lover of dystopian or science fiction young adult books.