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This was definitely a cover buy. I really enjoyed Warcross by Marie Lu so I was sure that this would be a good one too. The main character, Tarin, is mute and watching how the author wove that into the story was awesome. It was the first book I’ve read with this representation. The first part of the book was really dark and sad. It starts to pick up towards the end as a team is formed and the action starts. The bond between Tarin and Red was so unique. I can’t wait to see where it goes. My only issue with this book was the darkness and it felt slow in a lot of parts. I wasn’t super invested, but I will keep reading to see the ending. I had a hard time trying to describe this one, overall it felt like Green Lantern meets Captain Marvel. I will definitely keep reading this series to see what happens next, but I will be better prepared for the darkness next time.