This was truly everything i wanted and more!

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The cover is what drew me in at the start, and then i started realizing the smaller details of the cover, and all i wanted to do was read. this book was everything i could possibly want and more! the backstory and depth behind the characters. the relationships that were described. and even just the whole premise of the book was mwah, perfection. i went into it not knowing what to necessarily expect, and wasn't my typical genre, i went out having a new genre that i absolutely adore! im so excited for the sequel and where the characters go next! truly astonishing, and it most definitely left me on the tip of my toes diverged into this world, as the world building was most definitely so amazingly perfect, i loved it! i easily became attached to the characters and most definley cried a few times, and they were mostly just so loveable, that i didnt want anything terrible to happen to any of them.