This book was everything a YA fantasy sci-fi should be!

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I can’t say enough about this read! I went into this book already loving the author and I love her writing even more.

Talin is a refugee who rises to the elite class of soldier because of one boy believing in her. Her self doubt and desire of acceptance make her relatable and endearing. Her perseverance and strength make her inspirational as a main character. Talin faces great loss right from the start not only being a refugee in a land that can’t stand her but in losing her Striker partner. In his loss she fears losing the right to be a striker all together especially as time passes and she isn’t paired with anyone else.

One fateful day an enemy soldier is dragged into the arena to be questioned in front of all the strikers and is subsequently saved by Talin. Red is strong willed but gentle and harboring a secret of his own. Can Talin train him to be a striker and have her back or will his lack of want to live drag both of them down? Red as a character is broken but badass.

Adena and Jaran have a dynamic that rounds out this cast of heroes and adds to the badass fighting to win and save them all group.

As they all fight Ghosts and learn how they are made they learn more about each other in a way that only proves to bond them all.

I can’t wait for book two to come out so I can see how they all recover from this cliffhanger of an ending.