The Price of Freedom

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Talin is on the losing side of an endless war, but that won’t stop her from fighting until her last breath. As an elite striker defending the nation of Mara from the merciless Federation, Talin spends her days working to destroy the mutated “ghosts” created to wipe Mara from the map. Strikers work in tandem, but when her partner is killed in battle, Talin doesn’t know how to go on. She survives in a haze, barely collecting the strength to get out of bed each day, with seemingly no end to her grief. That is until her reality is shifted by the arrival of a Federation war prisoner captures her attention. Talin can tell he’s hiding something. Perhaps something big enough that it could turn the tides of the war. Together, they must determine what costs they are willing to pay to remain free.

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Marie Lu has been one of my instant-buy authors since the first pages of Warcross, and I am pleased to say that she blew me away with Skyhunter! The exciting war-front dystopia of Skyhunter is a perfect example of why I so adore Lu’s writing style. It contained the thrill of high-stakes, while also involving character development in a way that is absolutely irresistible. I found each character’s actions to be realistically motivated, giving the story an intense pull forward. I was also very pleased with Lu’s inclusion of sign language as a normalized form of communication within Skyhunter. The audiobook was especially enjoyable for me due to Natalie Naudus’s gritty narration style, which embodied Talin’s character in every word.

My Recommendation-
If you’ve enjoyed Marie Lu’s previous works (especially the Legend Series) won’t want to miss out on Skyhunter! Packed with action and emotional devastation, this story is perfect for readers who have been looking for a post-apocalyptic read unlike any other.