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so I read this book like a week ago and tbh I was pretty surprised with how good it was! The ending had me a little stressed but thats alright! I really loved this book and it's probably one of the best I've read so far! I don't know why I cried to be honest lmao. Yes I cried don't know if it was because it was sad or because the book was so good. The cover for this book is beautiful! Like wow! I really admire this book cover its so pretty I fell in love with it! I'm not gonna go into detail for those who haven't read it but the first few chapters are sooooo exciting! The characters are all so well written like omg! This one definitely takes #1 on my top ten books list! No doubt! If you haven't read i recommend you read it! I fell in love with this book and I am currently letting my sister read it and she's on the first few chapters and she said it was good so far which is surprising since she doesn't like reading!