Struggled a bit with this one

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This book has been on my already read shelf for a while now. (Or more accurately, the already listened to shelf in my audiobook library). First of all, everything in this story is extremely convenient. Need a new weapon that can win a hopeless war? Throw some teenaged scientists on it and after a few days and a few gallons of caffeine, they will blow your minds with some new discovery. Problem. Solved. Now, I'm not saying that there are no teenagers that could do that; I'm pretty sure that there are. I'm just saying. It was really easy. I don't have a great track record of being able to suspend disbelief when the characters are 16 and I know and see a lot of 16 year olds that can't manage to take any kind of basic instruction.

I did like the postapocalyptic world and the fact that friendship, not romance, was the basis for the relationships in this story.