Skyhunter is awesome!

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This book really drew me in with the first description of a beleaguered land (Mara) trying to fight off the Karensa Federation that has conquered the rest of the area with their twisted use of the Early One's advanced technology. The Federation uses Ghosts to do their dirty work but Mara has its Strikers and Shields to fight back. And that is what this story is about, from the viewpoint of Talin.

Talin is a strong character that does her best as a Striker, to defend Mara, the land that she and her mother fled to after their country was conquered. I think it is cool that she can do all that, even with the inability to speak. She is a very capable fighter, yet still compassionate like when she stops the execution of Red. Her friends, Adena and Jeran are great too.

Red is totally awesome! His secret is really big and cool and that is all I will say about it.

I do have to mention the cover, which I thought was pretty with all the streaks of color but it did not make sense and I thought it was all lines with a person in the middle. When all is revealed later on in the story though, the cover made perfect sense and is a really cool piece of art.

This is a really good book but it ends on a major cliffhanger! I still recommend it though.