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Seen everywhere

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I have been seeing this book everywhere. Some places I’ve seen it are book reviews and tik tok. I heard a lot of good things about it on tik tok and I hope the book meets my expectations. All the people who read it, keep telling me to try it and hopefully one day I will. I only buy books for personal reads. I have to actually enjoy a book to buy it. So far there are not many books I bought that I don’t like!! I really love the cover and how the colors contrast together!! I hope the author is selling a hardcover of this book because it is very pretty!! I didn’t finish the preview yet but I will once I have time. If it’s interesting to me after I finish the preview, then I will add it to my “to be read” list!!! I am assuming it is not a series because I have not seen anything else about it. Plus it doesn’t make sense to read the other books first besides the first book!