Really Loved It

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Overall, I really loved Skyhunter by Marie Lu. Although it definitely is not my favorite book from her, it is still really enjoyable.

My biggest let down of this book would have to be that I could not connect to any other characters except for Talin. I didn't really care for them much. However, that's not to say that the characters weren't well developed. They were, I just couldn't connect to them.

Talin- I really really loved her. She was brave, persistent, and really just a great protagonist, especially for YA.

Red- Although I could understand his pain, I couldn't quite care for him much as a character. I feel like I would've liked this book much better if it was in dual pov, so that I could get both Red's and Talin's thoughts instead of just Talin's.

As for the plot, I really quite liked it. I don't think it was anything especial to see in YA dystopian, but it was really enjoyable!

I can't wait for the second book.