Pretty great book

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My favorite part of this book is the plot. Unlike most Young Adult novels, the plot shown in this book is super creative and very mature. It is like nothing I have seen before and will not disappoint. Also, although Talin and Red were together most of the time and interacted in predictable ways when together, romance isn’t forced on them. They were able to get things done and the way it was written was amazing. The writing covered aspects of discrimination, not often shown in books. Marie Lu is really a powerful writer and the action packed story movement is wonderful. The journey was very interesting to learn about and backstory’s were clearly thought out as well.

To add I think the cover of the book suits the overall goal’s of Talin and Red very well.

Lastly, the only reason I am giving this book 4 stars is because of the
unrealistic plot line at times. Though the book is not supposed to be entirely realistic, solutions to specific problems were highly unrealistic.